January 25

In the Spotlight – Multicap CEO, Joanne Jessop


With a life-long passion for improving outcomes for people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged in their communities, Joanne Jessop has dedicated the past 10 years of her professional life to supporting people with disability.

“My vision for the future is to see every individual that we support live a good life and achieve their aspirations and goals.”

Joanne has been the CEO of Multicap (a Queensland disability services provider) since 2006 and has played a pivotal role in both the healthcare and human services sectors internationally and within Australia.

“At Multicap we are committed to making a difference and offer a range of solutions for people with disability, their families and employers. We create opportunities and inspire partnerships of support. Our passion is to recognise every individual’s right to connect and realise the possibilities available to them.

“I love what I do – I am courageous and passionate about improving services provided by our organisation that respond to the needs of our customers, as well as providing improved opportunities for vulnerable people, including those living with disabilities.

“My experience working in different countries and in different commercial and not for profit businesses has bought me to where I am today. This experience has provided a continuous learning curve, which is something I am keen to impress on our staff – learning is an ongoing process and there are always options available to increase your knowledge and improve.”

Joanne thrives on the achievements of those around her and it is this positive influence that propels her forward and inspires her leadership at Multicap.

“I love working alongside individuals who are inspired by the achievements of our customers and every day I am motivated by people – this could be customers or staff – who have gone above and beyond to reach their goals.

“We want our Multicap staff, and staff of CPL and other organisations, to be as skilled as possible so they can assist our customers by providing high quality services and support. Multicap aims to be an employer of choice and we have made a decision to invest in our staff so they can have rewarding careers.

“Those attending the 2018 Disability Support Workers conference will develop more skills and knowledge surrounding how to support their customers through the NDIS roll out, and we‘re very confident that our customers’ quality of life will be enhanced as a result, and that is what makes this conference so invaluable.

“For me, the main highlight of the DSW conference is seeing the outcomes when support workers share their challenges and experiences. So often, assistance and solutions that improve the lives of people with disability lie within their colleagues – these kinds of stories are often only shared during the conference.

“This is why Multicap is investing in both our own staff and all support workers who attend the conference. People with disability will not be able to live good lives if we don’t have skilled support workers. Through the DSW conference we are empowering our front line staff to provide the best possible service and make the biggest impact, now and in the future.”


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