December 28

The Power of Workplace Engagement


A passionate and skilled workforce is key in delivering high quality disability support and providing the best possible outcomes for clients. Motivated staff are an absolute gold mine in the workplace, and it is important to ensure that your employees are constantly learning to build their skill set and increase their value to the organisation, and the clients they work with.

The Disability Support Workers Conference incorporates a variety of teaching techniques to get the very best out of your employees. This conference is specifically designed for disability support workers and includes industry-leading keynotes, hands on workshops and discussions that focus on empowering our sector to become the best version of tomorrow’s disability support workers.

Unfortunately, many businesses forget or hesitate to spend time and money on their employee’s development. Not offering these opportunities for growth contributes to the 84% of Australian employees who are uninspired and disengaged at work[1]. In fact, employees who do not feel they are developing in a company are 12 times more likely to leave it[2].

The Disability Support Workers Conference gives your employees the chance to grow professionally, develop their practical skills and meet like-minded support workers. Empowering your employees through their development not only boosts workplace engagement, but can improve your chances of keeping staff for longer and enhance your organisation’s bottom line and customer satisfaction.

If you could increase employee productivity, workplace engagement and enhance your bottom line, would you do it? Yes, of course, you would! Empower and inspire your employees at the 2019 Disability Support Workers Conference.

[1] Steve Crabtree. “Worldwide, 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work,” Gallup, last modified October 8, 2013,

[2] Parth Misra. “Investing in Your Employees Is the Smartest Business Decision You Can Make,” Entrepreneur, last modified June 29, 2018,


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