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Why should I send my employees?

1. Personal growth and development

A recent study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that 95% of hiring managers considered employee training as a key retention tool – and it’s not hard to see why. We know that employees actively want to be trained, and doing so boosts morale and increases worker happiness.

With unprecedented growth in the disability sector, staff retention has never been more important. Nobody wants to work a dead-end job. If an employee feels they are being stifled by their environment, they’re going to leave. It’s not due to a lack of loyalty, and it’s not their fault.

Personal growth and development are a crucial element of what you can offer to any employee, and the benefits extend in every direction. Supporting their development ensures they’ll be more engaged, more productive, and better at what they do. 

Want to convince your boss to pay for the conference? Download a free copy of our “pitch your boss letter template” today! 

“Pitch your boss” letter template

2. Recognition

It’s also a great chance for you to recognise and reward some outstanding employees. Research shows if your staff get a sense their amazing skills and productivity are being taken for granted, you can bet that working for your competitor is going to look increasingly more attractive to them. So why not buy some tickets as a way of saying thank you and recognising their contribution? 

If the time does come for them to leave, they’ll be able to honestly tell others how much they grew while working for your organisation, rather than how stifled they felt.

Attendees will have the opportunity for professional development and recognition which will see them become more engaged, more productive and in turn, provide a better quality of service to your customers.

3. Gain a competitive edge

The NDIS is the new way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers. It means the clients get to make decisions about their supports and who they would like to deliver them. 

For people with disability having the right support makes a big difference and the NDIS is providing choice over who they choose to provide that support. That means your support workers need to have the right skills to provide exceptional support to your clients. 

This conference gives them the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional support and also an understanding of the constantly changing market. 

Sending your support workers to the 2018 Disability Support Workers Conference means your staff are a cut above the rest and your clients will thank you for it.

By purchasing tickets for your staff to attend the Disability Support Workers Conference, you are investing in the future of your organisation. 

Buy your tickets now!

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