Meal Management Part A (Core)

Room A

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Part A of the meal management session will provide theoretical insights on the importance of meal management, who is at risk and why a choking checklist is required for all individuals. These two-part hands-on sessions require pre-registration with limited spots available, you must complete Part A in order to attend Part B.

Direct support workers are often the first to observe and put strategies in place in order to prevent choking for people with swallowing difficulties, however, coroners are finding more and more cases where choking was the preliminary cause of death for people in supported accommodation. A report conducted by Victoria’s Disability Services Commissioner stated that people with an intellectual disability are at a greater risk of choking because of difficulties with chewing and swallowing and behavioural factors like gorging themselves. These two-part hands-on sessions, presented by speech pathologists, will outline the importance of having the right meal management plans for each individual, explain who is at risk and demonstrate a variety ideas for food preparation and meal presentations.

Outcome: A two-part session on theoretical and practical ways to prevent the potentially avoidable preliminary causes of death in people with disability.