Ann Greer

Ann Greer
  • Project Officer
  • Company: Community Connection Inc.

Ann Greer has extensive experience in the area of person-centred planning and service provision.  She believes that every person needs to be seen as an individual and planning and decisions about work, where to live and who to socialise with,  are decisions that need to be made on an individual basis – regardless of the level of disability.

Ann, together with Sharon Yoxall and Daisy Kellie started a service in Townsville over 28 years ago that is based on a model of self-direction and person centredness.  She has had roles on the board of the organisation and later managed this service for eleven years.

She also has a lived experience of disability as two of her three adult children have significant (but very different) disabilities.  She is pleased to say that all three are living successful and good lives in the Townsville community.

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