Dr Fiona Davis

Dr Fiona Davis
  • Director of Service Delivery
  • Company: Therapy Pro

Dr Davis has been working within the disability sector across many States and Territories for the past 20 years. Dr Davis is a very strong advocate for persons who live with disability. She has recently completed her Masters of Mental Health (Psychotherapy) program at UQ which provides her the knowledge, experience and ability to work within the sphere of dual diagnosis (Developmental disability and Mental Health). Dr Davis has worked across operational and clinical domains of disability and as such has a unique skillset that couples her work experience and qualifications to practice in this niche area. Dr Davis has worked as a Conjoint Principal Learning and Development Officer at the Centre of Excellence in Behaviour Support and Centre of Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support; she has also worked within the forensic disability arena alongside the Director of Forensic Disability and the Supreme Court (Mental Health Court); and most recently as the Head of Clinical Services with a national NGO transitioning into the NDIS. Dr Davis is currently Director of Service Delivery for Therapy Pro and oversees clinical governance and practice whilst working within the NDIS domain.

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