Jacqueline Roberts

Jacqueline Roberts
  • Chair, Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Griffith University

In 2011 Jacqui was appointed as the inaugural Chair of Autism to lead the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE) at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia. Prior to 2011 Jacqui worked in other states of Australia in schools for children with autism as a teacher, speech language therapist, school principal and Aspect Director of Services.

Jacqui has also worked as a consultant in autism and held several short-term fractional appointments at universities teaching autism studies and leading/managing research projects including being responsible for the development and delivery of content in the Australian Autism Education and Training Consortium (AAETC) Positive Partnerships program.

In her current position Jacqui leads a program of research into autism and a graduate program of autism studies. The main focus of the research program at ACE is autism, learning, behaviour and education. Jacqui leads a large longitudinal research project which is part of the national Living with Autism CRC and several research consultancies such as one current project with the Queensland Department of Education to develop an on-line tool which can be used by teachers and parents to manage problem behaviours. Jacqui has published widely in autism and co-authored a book for parents, Understanding Autism. The Essential Guide for Parents with Professor Katrina Williams in 2015.

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