Margie Ireland

Margie Ireland
  • Leadership Coach & Workplace Psychologist

Margie works with leadership teams in medium and large organisations that are not on the same page, stuck in conflict or procrastination or don’t understand why individual and team goals are not being met. Margie solves this problem by developing and delivering individual and team programs that are evidence-based and therefore proven to transform results. Margie has been coaching and consulting to organisations for 15 years. This includes being an owner and partner in two businesses as well as leading and coaching teams in executive recruitment and search firms. Previously she had a ten-year career in IT.

Margie is a professional and polished presenter and registered Psychologist. Her ongoing research investigates work goals and well-being and the strategies that can lead to an increase in both. She further explores the mechanisms that increase and decrease stress in the workplace.

Margie has developed a passion and skill for coaching and mentoring leaders experiencing difficulties in achieving career and business milestones while helping create sustainable high-performance teams.

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