Rebecca Daniloff

Rebecca Daniloff
  • Allied Health Manager, CPL

Rebecca has worked in the disability sector for over 21 years. She began her career working as a Speech Pathologist for the Department of Communities in both paediatric and adult services, before becoming part of CPL’s team where she started as a Speech Pathologist in the adult allied health team providing services to adults in both the South East Queensland corner and throughout regional Queensland.

For the past seven years, Rebecca has worked as an Allied Health Manager, for both paediatric and adult allied health teams and well as various assistive technology services and programs. Ever keen to learn, Rebecca can be found researching new and innovative programs, particularly in the assistive technology space and is currently completing an MBA. She continues to be passionate in her support for people with disability to have voice in the community.

Rebecca has presented papers, workshops and lectures at a number of health and disability-related national and international conferences, universities and for various government and non-government agencies.

Rebecca will be presenting: Promoting every day communication at the DSW conference. Communication is central to how we manage our day, interact with others, form friendships and relationships and generally add purpose and colour to our lives, but this is not always easy for people with disability. Can you be sure the person you are with fully understands what is happening throughout their day and can express choices in how they live their lives?
How can you support the people you work with to fully participate, make choices and become more independent with their communication? Communication is not just about speech and during this presentation we will explore everyday strategies as well as the latest technology which can assist a person’s ability to communicate.


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