Simon Wardale

Simon Wardale
  • Chief Clinical & Practice Officer, Multicap

Simon Wardale is Chief Clinical & Practice Officer at Multicap.

Simon has worked with people with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour for approximately 30 years. Across his career, Simon has had many roles including front line worker, managing clinical and operational services, academic, researcher, and statutory positions with responsibility across Queensland.

Simon has a history of successful development of communities of practice in behaviour supports, bringing together all stakeholders of varied skills to form coordinated teams. His practice history of working directly with people with intellectual disability, particularly those who exhibit challenging and/or offending behaviours, enhances his ability to translate research into practice.

Simon has had his work on behaviour support plan quality, staff training in PBS, and outcomes for defendants with an intellectual disability in court, published in both local and international academic journals. Simon has a passion for translating this theoretical evidence into operational practice, seeing improved outcomes for people with disability.

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